Brad Pistotnik and His Devotion To Accident Victims

Brad Pistotnik has devoted his entire career to handling personal injury cases. What this means is that Brad PIstotnik has the experience to win your case. Many attorneys switch from one type of law to another, not Brad PIstotnik. Brad Pistotnik has always specialized in personal injury law. Personal injury law is the type of law practice that helps injured people after they have been the victim of someone else’s negligence. Someone else’s negligence means that your injuries are the fault of another person. If you have been injured by someone else you are able to seek damages by Kansas Law. An injury victim can seek damages for medical treatment, loss of wages, loss of future wages, future medical treatment, pain and suffering and even funeral expenses.

Brad Pistotnik has personally handled cases with all different types of injuries including head injuries, spine injuries, whiplash, fractures or broken bones, facial trauma, and wrist and ankle injuries. No injury is too small or too big. Call Brad PIstotnik Law in Kansas now for a free consultation to Know Your Rights!

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