Brad Pistotnik daughter JoAnna Michelle makes it onto Billboard Music Charts! Congrats to Brad, Christina and JoAnna from Brad Pistotnik Law!

JoAnna Michelle and her song “Too Sophisticated” have made it on the Billboard dance charts! This is very exciting for Brad and his family and the law firm is excited to congratulate her on this wonderful achievement. Brad and his family have resided in Wichita and have had a great time during the new and learning phase of making music. “Too Sophisticated” was written by Marty Bowie and Kimberly Bowie and is a song about bullying and avoiding the haters. Most importantly, getting on with your life after being a victim of internet trolls.

It is very important that the Wichita community continues to support people who are in the arts. People that are involved in the arts give us inspiration and make us think. Artists are a unique gift to the world and should be celebrated, not ridiculed. Brad Pistotnik Law sponsors a segment on KAKE called Talented Teen in order to give talented individuals a place to showcase their gifts.

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