Brad Pistotnik has been helping injury accident victims for over 35 years!

Why is it a good idea to call Brad Pistotnik after you are involved in an accident? Because Brad Pistotnik has been helping Wichita, Kansas injury accident victims for over 35 years. Brad Pistotnik started what is known as The Pistotnik Law Offices many years ago and began practicing personal injury law in order to help people get the help they deserve. In so many years of practicing he knows the insurance company tricks used to keep from paying. As an accident attorney he fights for his clients on a daily basis to get the deserved compensation for injuries. Brad will never take the easy way out and will always fight 100% to help his clients. Brad Pistotnik Law prides itself on having a wonderful staff of compassionate and caring people who want to help others. Car, truck and motorcycle accidents can wreck your life and cause so much distress it is helpful to have Brad on your side. All it takes is one phone call and that’s all to find out what he can do for you.

Brad Pistotnik can help you all over the State of Kansas and Oklahoma.Contact Brad Pistotnik at 1-800-241-BRAD no to know your rights!

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