Brad Pistotnik knows about driver fatigue and truck accidents.

Brad Pistotnik and Brad Pistotnik Law know that fatigue is a very important safety issue when looking at truck accidents. A fatigued driver is never good but can be even more troublesome if a person is driving a large truck. The chances of a driver are even higher for people driving large trucks because they are driving for their occupation. These drivers are getting paid for driving for many hours. Trucking companies have pressure on them to get deliveries to a place on time. They are a business. Trucking companies are required to carry special licensing and special insurance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has guidelines set in place to help regulate the trucking industry to keep the roads safe. Tired and fatigued truck drivers are not safe on the road.

There is a new regulatory issue that has caused much controversy and it is called the ELD mandate. This mandate is supposed to cause the trucking companies to equip their vehicles with electronic logging devices. These devices are linked to the engine of the semi-truck to capture the movement of the truck and accurately record how much time the driver spends behind the wheel. This could be a great way to measure driver hours and keep the roads safe. Log books have typically been recorded by the truck driver and sometimes aren’t accurate.

Brad Pistotnik wrote the book Truck Accidents Kill about the trucking industry and the problems with safety on the road. If you have been involved in a truck accident contact Brad Pistotnik Law now for a free consultation.

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