Brad Pistotnik Law firm helping Kansas injury accident victims everyday!

Brad Pistotnik has been helping Kansas injury victims and founded Pistotnik Law decades ago. What does that mean for you?  If you have been injured in a wreck is that decades of experience fighting the insurance company will be on your side! Insurance companies have been acting the same and hanging on to their money as much as possible for as long as anyone could imagine. Insurance companies are huge and are making tons of money. They don’t make large amounts of money by paying injury accident victims, in fact, they try hard not to do so. What Brad Pistotnik knows is how to fight the insurance companies to get you what you deserve as compensation for your injuries. Brad Pistotnik Law is located in Wichita near 21st and Webb. Pistotnik is once again expanding his law office in order to help as many injured Kansas people who need the help of a distinguished law firm. Brad Pistotnik would like to help you before you hurt your case by speaking with he insurance company. Adjusters are very good at making you feel comfortable and that they are on your side, well, they aren’t on your side. The insurance adjuster is trying to hang on to the insurance companies money desperately. They receive bonuses when they DON’T pay YOU! Yes, the insurance adjusters have all kinds of bonuses, including free trips! Think about this before you  wreck your case and contact Brad Pistotnik Law now!

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