Brad Pistotnik suggests you see the most compassionate physicians after your car accident and be careful for Independent Medical Examiners and insurance company doctors.

When a client comes into Brad Pistotnik they often have seen physicians who have not helped them after they have been in a car accident. Part of the reason for this is that that particular doctor may not want to get involved in your case. Doctors can hurt their clients when they write comments down in their notes like “ they weren’t sure if their shoulder hurts as mush as their back does.” These things can hurt the accident victim if they later find out they have an actual should injury due to the accident. This doesn’t seem like a big deal until they use it against you. Insurance companies will get the car accidents victims medical records and they will buck you by harping on every word that the doctors write down that can hurt you. The insurance companies pay attention to everything. One way to better understand how insurance companies and physicians work together against you in the Independent Medical Examination.

Some information about about IME’s (Independent Medical Examinations)

Consequences of IME’s can be devastating. They can represent the worst of our civil justice system. Insurance companies find “doctors” for one reason only, to mitigate the amount they have to pay the injured person. Independent Medical Examinatiopn are anything but that, they are paid by the insurance company. These exams can be demeaning and upsetting to accident victims. Brad Pistotnik has listened to these Independetn Medical Examiners flat out lie about the injuries of accident victims. It is very disgusting and very sad. The defense lawyer helps these “doctors” write out the reports in order to keep from paying the injured party. These “doctors” perform hudreds of exams and make hundreds of thousands of dollars working against you. They often accuse accident victims of faking their injuries. It is flat out disgusting. They pay attention to pre-existing conditions and they try and harm your case.

Brad Pistotnik warns you about these insurance company tactics and would like you to contact Brad Pistotnik Law for help now.

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