Brad Pistotnik warns you about the insurance company 24 hour rule!

Automobile insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, Progressive, Farm Bureau, Farmers Alliance, Key Insurance,  American Family, AAA and many other huge insurance companies generated a 24 hour quick contact rule as a result of a 1994 Insurance Research Council study. The study mad an effort to determine why insurance companies began paying more and more for car wrecks and other accidents. The simple conclusion of the study was that the personal injury victims who had a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident or other vehicle accident that got to a skilled and trained accident attorney like the lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law were likely to get better care from skilled people in the medical profession and their cases were worth more. This common sense approach is understandable if you realize why the insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate and so many others began requiring their adjusters to keep injury victims away from personal injury lawyers. Adjusters are actually evaluated and rated by the insurance companies. They are rated by how many injured personal injury victims they can keep away from attorneys. If the adjuster loses to many personal injury victims to lawyers and attorneys they lose pay and they are not promoted. Oftentimes the adjuster may be fired.

The 24 hour quick contact rule is procedure developed by many insurance companies. They teach as their adjusters to try to be nice to the injured person so that they will not hire a lawyer. An injury victim may ask why do they want to keep you from lawyers and accident attorneys? The answer is simple, they know that the average plaintiff who has been injured in a car crash or car accident will get an average of 4.3 times more compensation with the use of a skilled plaintiff’s trial attorney liked the ones at Brad Pistotnik Law. The conclusion from the 1994 study is understandable.

When a normal injured person is scared of incurring medical bill from their car accident and refuses the ambulance ride to the hospital because they don’t want to be charged for the EMS ride to Wesley Medical Center or to St. Francis, it is because they don’t realize that each person in an insured car in Kansas has a minimum of $4500 of personal injury protection benefits. The injured person often makes the wrong decision and refuses the initial treatment because they do not have health insurance and do not want to be turned over to collection.

Brad Pistotnik can help you with your personal injury case and fight the insurance companies. If the insurance company is contacting you within 24 hours of your automobile accident, BEWARE! Contact Brad Pistotnik, the Bull now at 1-800-241-BRAD.

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