Is the insurance company getting ready to cheat me? Brad Pistotnik gives you some clues.

Brad Pistotnik has a few warning signs to let you know about after you have been in an accident. Insurance companies are notorious for cheating people out of money. Here are a few warning signs it is getting ready to happen to you. Contact Brad Pistotnik if any of these things happen to you.

The insurance company gives you a telephone call and inform you that the call is being monitored for so-called “training or quality control purposes.” This is a way to let you know they are violating your rights to privacy. They are recording your phone conversation to use later for purposes to keep from paying you the money they owe you. If they have informed you of the monitoring they will be claiming you consented to the recording and later use of what was said.

The insurance company calls you and asks you to give a tape recorded statement. The inurancew companies may tell you that a taped statement is “required” in order to settle your claim. This is simply untrue. You are not legally obligated to give a recorded statement to the insurancec ompnay, this is bogus. Contact Brad Pistotnik now at 1-800-241-BRAD.

The insurance company asks you to give your social security number if you have never benefited from medicare. If you have never been a beneficiary of medicare you do not need to give them this information. Obviously, your insurance company should already have this information from you. Only disclose your social security number after you have discussed thie question with counsel.

You are being told that the insurance company is investigating your claim. This is a statement directly to you that they are trying to find a way out of paying. You need to immediately consult an accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law.

Will the insurance company be using a computer to decide how mush they owe you? If this is the case, which it usually is, these programs are made specifically to mitigate your damages. Do not deal with an insurance company that is telling you that the computer evaluation is a good and fair process to use. Brad Pistotnik knows all about these comuter programs that the insurance company uses to screw people over.

You were asked to sign documents and take a quick settlement. This usually means that they owe you more money and are trying to get you to settle for less. Don’t sign anything because this is a big red flag that there is more to the case and you deserve more compensation. Insurance companies like to do this because you may have future medical bills that they will owe you. There may be a lot more insurance available than you know. They do this for many reasons and they are all bad.

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