Pistotnik Law Office founder Brad Pistotnik on Wichita Car Accidents! Why should you hire an Accident Attorney?

Car accidents happen in the winter because of many reasons. There can be bad weather wrecks and fatigued drivers. Even intoxicated drivers because of holiday parties and family events. It is always important to remember that if you have been in an accident you need to seek medical treatment for any possible injuries. Always think about your health before you worry about your property. Property can be replaced so your health should be your number one concern. Accidents can disrupt your plans during the holidays and it easy to ignore an injury because you may have too much going on. It is very important to your injury accident case that you seek medical attention as soon as possible because the insurance companies tend to give less credit to people who don’t seek medical attention right after an accident. Brad Pistotnik Law knows that you might now think you are injured or may hope that any pain will go away but you have got to get checked by the proper physicians to know this for sure. Don’t put your health at risk, Kansas insured drivers are required to carry Personal Injury Protection to cover medical expenses after your wreck. PIP benefits pay for reasonable medical expenses due to yourself or a passenger no matter who was at fault. The amount of PIP benefits should be no less than 4500$ but coverage may be more than that.

Accident attorneys can help you and protect you from insurance company tactics that could hurt your chance of recovery. Insurance companies work around the clock to protect their money, so does Brad Pistotnik Law. Studies show that people who have been injured recover at least 3.5 times more than if the accident victims who are not represented. This is a pretty reasonable argument to seek a personal injury lawyer.

After you have been involved in an injury accident it is important to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. Brad Pistotnik Law injury lawyers are experienced in handling car wreck cases and know how to deal with the insurance company and their tactics. Be very careful not to give taped statements and definitely don’t sign anything until you talk to us. You could damage your case. Contact Brad Pistotnik Law  now to know your rights after you have been in a car accident.

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