What Can Brad Pistotnik Law Do For You After Your Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Brad Pistotnik knows the insurance companies and how they protect their money after you have been in

an accident with a commercial vehicle. If you are hit by a commercial vehicle you need to call an injury

attorney who knows how to deal with this type of accident. Commercial vehicle accidents account for a

large amount of all the traffic accidents in Kansas. Brad Pistotnik has the experience to handle

commercial accident cases. Brad Pistotnik will fight to get you the compensation you deserve if you have

been hit by a big truck, semi, tractor trailer, commercial bus, van or any other type of automobile that is

being used for a commercial purpose.


Brad Pistotnik Law knows that these types of injury accidents can cause severe injuries. These vehicles

are often heavy and carrying freight. The size of these vehicles is often a factor in causing severe injury

accidents. All accidents can be tragic, but when it comes to a commercial vehicle that is carrying

increased weight the accident can be devastating to you and your family.


Accident attorney Brad Pistotnik would like to help you with your commercial vehicle accident case.

Brad Pistotnik Law answers the phone evenings and weekends and Brad is surrounded by a

compassionate staff that cares about you and your recovery. Pistotnik knows how to deal with the

insurance company and their tactics. During his legal career, Brad has dealt with these insurance

companies and fought hard for his clients. Brad Pistotnik would like the opportunity to fight for you.

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