What do Accident Reconstruction Experts do that are hired by Brad Pistotnik at Brad Pistotnik Law?

When personal injuries sustained in an accident are severe an expert witness in the specialized area of accident reconstruction is contacted by an attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law. This unique professional uses various philosophies of engineering and other areas to reconstruct what happened during the accident that caused the injuries. These experts’ reports may corroborate or dispute what has been explained by either one of the party involved. Evidence collected is used during these procedures to completely reenact what transpired during the accident. Some of these factors normally include weather conditions, traveling speeds, other drivers, obvious distractions with items in the car and even sun positioning in the area that may have affected the operators of the vehicles. Typically, phone records, pictures and any available video are examined through with meticulousness to fully comprehend the situation as it occurred. A timeline is formulated to explain the sequence of events which can be particularly important when it includes a large truck and hours of truck driving logs.

Details may be vague or unclear when those involved try to recall the events that transpired, the details could be vague or unclear or the people may be lying to get out of trouble from breaking the law. Some of the information involved such as speeds during the accident, certain distractions that may have occurred. It is also important to accurately know what the other driver was doing at the time of the collision. For these detailed issues, human factors expert may be contacted. Human factors experts provide additional information the reconstruction expert may not have available due to behavioral issues. This human factors expert should have a clearer picture of what might have been discovered or executed by the driver at-fault and the driver or passengers who are the victim. Experts working together can clarify the incidence that occurred contributing to the accident. Weather and angles of vision certainly could validate or clear up certain specifics that were not previously evident. Experts can be a crucial part of your case and can explain with the technical detail to the jury. When looking for an accident attorney to help you with your personal injury case make sure you hire a lawyer who will actually spend the money for these experts. Many attorneys won’t spend the money for this important part of your case. Brad Pistotnik knows the experts who can help.

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