Accident attorney Brad Pistotnik represents people injured in a car, truck or motorcycle wreck free consultation

Brad Pistotnik has always been on the side of the injured person and not on the side of the insurance company. Many attorneys boast about their experience working for and with insurance companies. The Brad Pistotnik Law firm has never felt that working for the big business was what he wanted to do. He always wanted to help people who could not help themselves. Insurance companies have always been in business to make money, the way they do that is by not paying the injured person. We pay for insurance in the hopes that if something ever happens that we are covered. It is unfortunate that the injured often has to fight to get the compensation they deserve. Brad Pistotnik knows the insurance company tricks and tactics and would like to help you get fair compensation.

Brad Pistotnik Law accident attorneys help you in several different ways. We believe the most important thing for you to do is get back to your normal self. If you are injured this usually means that the proper medical treatment is the best way to go. The injury accident victim needs to seek care from compassionate doctors who also understand your life has been turned upside-down. Brad Pistotnik Law knows the importance of good medical care and injuries such as neck injuries, back injuries, whiplash, shoulder injuriesleg fractures, head injuries and emotional problems. It is crucial to get the proper medical treatment for any and all of these injuries so that you can get on with your life, go back to work, take care of your family and live as happily as possible. Automobile accidents tend to take away enjoyment of life. The goal is that the  enjoyment of your life begins again as soon as humanly possible.

It is important that you have compassionate attorneys who believe in you and believe in your case. That makes all the difference in the world. Brad Pistotnik is a compassionate personal injury lawyer who would like to be your advocate and to fight for your rights! Contact Brad Pistotnik Law for a free consultation now at 1-800-241-BRAD or 316-684-4400. Brad Pistotnik Law is located in Wichita, Kansas but can help all across the state including Dodge City, Garden City, Hays, Salina, Topeka, Lawrence, Emporia, and Hutchinson.

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