Brad Pistotnik Law Accident Attorneys

Brad Pistotnik Law fights for you if you have been in a for tractor-trailer accident. In fact, most of Brad Pistotnik Laws tractor-trailer accidents are from trucking companies that are based outside of the state of Kansas. Brad Pistotnik Law can help you with your case if you have been injured in most states and cities in the US.  Brad has had multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on auto accident cases, tractor-trailer cases, and nursing home related cases. Brad understands the laws related to tractor-trailer cases. Brad is a Wichita attorney, with an active law practice of over 30 years. Brad Pistotnik has helped thousands of Kansans in Wichita and Kansas car accident victims since the year 1983. Pistotnik concentrates his practice in the area of bodily injury generally called personally injury law. This type of law relates to cars, autos, trucks, tractor-trailers, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles, and other vehicle related cases.

It is important to know that many motor vehicle accidents related to cars, motorcycles, and trucks are caused by people that are not being attentive in their driving. The cause may be alcohol, illegal drugs, legal prescription drugs, and the increasing problem of cellular phone use. It is important to note that if you are considering calling an attorney that you realize most of our cases are settled without having to go to trial. Many personal injury victims get fair compensation fairly rapidly. You will pay Brad Pistotnik Law nothing unless we win. Brad Pistotnik is an experienced Kansas vehicle accident attorney and personal injury attorney that will fight hard for you in Kansas, and across the United States to help you recover damages for your personal injuries.

Brad Pistotnik Law handles all personal injury cases including, but not limited to: Large truck accidents, car accidents, injury cases, reckless driving, negligence, torts, damages, wrongful death, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle accidents, third party lawsuits, damaged cars, insurance settlements, auto accidents , medical bills, permanent injury, rear-end collisions, liability insurance, property damage, minor injuries, insurance coverage, truck accident, tractor-trailer accidents, paralysis, paralyzed, eaglemed, Lifeflight, Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi, St. Francis hospital. Brad Pistotnik Law serves the following areas: Kansas, Southern Kansas, Wichita, Barton County, Butler County, Ellis County, Ford County, Abilene, Colby, Dodge City, Garden City, Goodland, Hays, Hutchinson, Larned, Liberal, Pratt, Russell, Salina, Sedgwick, Kiowa County, Meade County, Gray County, Haskell County, Finney County, Seward County, Hamilton County, Gove County, Logan County, Edwards County, Pawnee County, Stafford County, Reno County, Harvey County, Marion County, Chase County, & Lyon County.

The legal information offered by Brad Pistotnik Law and contained herein, regarding Kansas legal statutes and Kansas claimants’ rights, is general in scope. No legal attorney / client relationship with our attorneys is hereby formed nor is the information herein intended as formal legal advice. Please contact a Kansas lawyer regarding your specific inquiry.

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