Brad Pistotnik Law and getting help for your car accident injuries

Brad Pistotnik is the caring and concerned attorney that you need to handle your car accident case. Being in a car accident is very stressful and Brad has the compassion and commitment to help you and your family. Many attorneys don’t handle your accident case like we do at Brad Pistotnik Law firm. The doctors and the care you receive right after your accident are extremely important. Just with any other occupation in the world there are good, caring doctors and there are cold, non-caring doctors. Many doctors work for the insurance companies and they get paid to say that you are not injured. It is important to seek out the proper medical attention from compassionate physicians. Brad Pistotnik Law knows who these compassionate physicians are. The insurance company needs proof that you have been injured. Simply telling them that you are hurt won’t get you any compensation for your injuries. It is always best to keep your health number one and go to the hospital after your accident to get completely checked out. It’s best for you and your case.

Brad Pistotnik has helped injury accident victims in the state of Kansas for over 35 years. Brad has always been on the injury victim side of the law. You need an experienced attorney handling your car, truck or motorcycle accident case.  Call 1-800-241-BRAD now for a free consultation. Brad can deal with the insurance company for you. Don’t try and deal with them by yourself. Remember that they are not there to help you, they wan’t to keep their money. We don’t get paid unless you do.

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