Brad Pistotnik Law can help you with injuries from your car accident.

There are many different types of injuries that are possible to claim from your accident. You could have huge medical expenses, pain and suffering and possible lost wages. Please make sure and talk with an accident lawyer right after a vehicle accident to determine what proper steps to take. It is always a free consultation to call Brad Pistotnik Law and you should always consider talking with an attorney before you speak with the insurance company adjusters and employees. Saying the wrong thing could wreck your car accident case. Personal injury attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law firm can help you with many different types of injuries caused by an Auto, Truck, or Motorcycle Accident. Brad Pistotnik has been helping Wichita, Kansas injured people since he created the original Pistotnik Law Offices in 1983. It is important to know that every accident is different. Injuries vary greatly. You need to consult an attorney to discuss different types of injuries. An attorney can help you learn what your case could be worth. It is very important to see the right physicians who are familiar with vehicle accident injuries. Remember that insurance adjusters are working for the insurance company to reduce your damages. They are paid to minimize the amount you get for injuries you suffered in your accident. Insurance companies will try to send you to physicians who typically downplay your injuries. That is one of the main reasons to speak with an attorney before you speak with them, to put a proper plan in place. This is how you can get the compensation you deserve.  Contact Brad Pistotnik and his law firm now to know your rights! 1-800-241-BRAD

Some types of injuries suffered by auto accident victims:

Head Injuries

Back Injuries

Critical Injuries

Brain Injuries

Leg Injuries



Spinal Cord Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Broken Bones and Fractures

Amputation Injuries

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