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When choosing an attorney you must determine whether that lawyer actually has a valid trial record of success. Make sure when searching to hire an attorney that the attorney has a trial record of success. It is important to ask the attorney what kind of trials he or she has been involved in order to understand the lawyers capabilities. Also, this will help to understand the attorney’s work ethic. Brad Pistotnik has had many successful trials and multi-million dollar verdicts in his lifetime career.

Use of experts in a vehicle accident cases is extremely important. Many times, medical experts are essential because the treating physicians do not want to come to trial. Medical experts are called independent medical examiners and perform I.M.E.’s (independent medical examination). The physician chosen by the attorney may make a substantial difference in the final outcome of your personal injury case. If your accident attorney chooses a doctor that does not testify well or has a lack of experience understanding the law as it relates to medicine then you could very well lose your case.

Experts for economic loss are often needed for a personal injury case. These are experts, such as accountants, CPAs, and economists. The mannerism and persuasiveness of the expert is a highly needed trait for an expert at trial. If your attorney uses an expert that is reluctant at trial or unable to speak well, the likelihood of success at trial is again reduced.

Accident reconstruction experts are often needed in motor vehicle and truck related car accidents. These experts are typically extremely expensive. They mainly take raw data from measurements, photographs, and laser plotting to reconstruct speed, force, velocity, and energy as well as crush factors to establish how an accident actually occurred. These experts are extremely tough to find because many of them do not testify well and are not understandable during testimony at time of trial. It is very important that your personal injury attorney has the ability to find and afford to pay for the right type of accident reconstruction expert.

Depositions are an important factor in whether or not a person wins the case. Some attorneys do not prepare for their depositions and do not read all of the data and information, many rely on paralegals and possibly just don’t do their own homework. If you get an attorney that is the type of lawyer that does not prepare very much for a deposition, then that could hurt your case. If you hire a true vehicle accident litigation lawyer like Brad Pistotnik you will obtain a lawyer that will be able to ask pointed and direct questions that will lead to the development of excellent evidence for use at trial.

Automobile, motorcycle and trucking accident cases all relate to the determination of negligence. When you look at negligence, you must find that a duty was breached and that breach of duty caused a person to be harmed or injured physically and/or emotionally. When doing an investigation of negligence for an automobile accident, the attorney must look to the appropriate Kansas or other state statutes and Wichita or other city municipal ordinances in order to determine what duty was breached by the other operator of the vehicle.

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