Catastrophic injuries call for a compassionate and caring accident attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law

Injuries happen, it’s a part of life. People suffer from scrapes, bruises, strains, bumps and cuts on a regular basis. Some injuries, however, are different and more severe. Some injuries can be classified as catastrophic. A catastrophic injury is an injury that can have a huge impact on your life. Catastrophic injuries are often caused by a car, truck or motorcycle accident. These accidents aren’t expected and can be caused by another person. Sometimes these injuries can be caused by a distracted driver or someone else’s negligence. Catastrophic injuries can be the result of a workplace accident or a construction accident. Brad Pistotnik Law knows how to handle catastrophic injury accident cases and Brad Pistotnik knows how to get you the help you need. Brad Pistotnik or the Bull has been helping injury accident victims for over 30 years. If you or a loved one has a catastrophic injury that has impacted your life you need to contact an attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law for a free consultation. Catastrophic injuries can include but are not limited to Traumatic Brain Injuries, severe neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, quadripligia, tetraplegia and paralysis.

Often, people will think that the insurance company will understand what you are going through and want to help the person dealing with a catastrophic injury but this isn’t typically the case. Insurance companies will still do their best to blame you for the accident in some way so that they will not have to shell out as much money. An insurance company may offer you a small amount for your catastrophic injuries hoping that you won’t be aware that you can collect for past and future medical treatment. The only people who know what your treatment should be are compassionate and caring doctors. Not the doctors who are paid by the insurance company. Brad Pistotnik knows that this is what happens regularly with these insurance companies. Be careful and don’t wreck your case, contact Brad Pistotnik Law now for a free consultation.

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