How Inadequate Truck Maintenance Can Lead To An Accident!

An accident can often be the result of vehicle malfunction. Brakes can fail and tires can blow out without the proper inspection. The inadequate maintenance of commercial trucks are often a direct cause of accidents. Mechanical complications are inevitable without the appropriate inspection of these trucks on a regular basis.

Tractors and trailers are of substantial weight and size, which requires strong enough brakes. Brake defects are the most common cause of truck accidents. Drivers in the trucking industry are often required to do pre trip inspections, and log any and all findings. Unfortunately, drivers neglect to report issues, especially if they deem them to be “minor”. Those minor glitches, specially with brakes, can result in serious malfunctioning when on the road. A driver’s discretion to overlook even the smallest of defect is unsafe to accompanying drivers on the road.

Another component of these types of vehicles, that should be vigorously inspected frequently, are the tires. These trucks travel great distances, which can have a substantial impact to the tires. When doing inspections, drivers should be particularly concerned with tread depth. Measuring the tire’s tread depth clarifies whether or not the tire is legally worn out, should the driver neglect to measure they run the risk of a tire blowing out during their trip. Once a tire blows out the truck drifts out of control and causes accidents for oncoming motorists. The tire debris is often left on our nation’s highways, which is a hazardous condition for motorists.

Wheel separations is another malfunction commonly seen amongst accidents involving trucks. This type of malfunction can be very dangerous as a wheel that becomes separated from a truck of substantial size is typically launched at alarming speeds. Wheel separation is often due fasten failure, where the nuts become loose or break off. Wheel separation are considered a foreseeable occurrence, thus the importance of proper inspection.

The FMCSR has specified intervals during which  a driver is suppose to inspect their vehicle prior to setting out for a new destination. Inadequate maintenance in the trucking industry has long been the root of such accidents involving trucks. The motor carrier and the driver are both responsible for inspecting the vehicle and following through with the proper maintenance. If you’ve been in a car accident and feel as though there was inadequate maintenance of the truck at fault, call a personal injury lawyer. Brad Pistotnik Law has experience with these types of cases and offers free consultations! Don’t wait, call Brad!


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