How Many Hours Do Truck Drivers Work?

Trucking companies often ask their drivers to do the impossible and drive a ridiculous amount of hours and carry a tremendous amount of cargo to make their companies more money. What can end up happening when this is done is that the highways become unsafe for the average traveler. Semi-trucks can make it scary for drivers. It is important to use caution when you are next to one of these semi-trucks and pay attention to the way they are driving. Always be aware that the semi-truck driver may be fatigued and could have been driving many more hours than they should be driving. Truck drivers often rely of speed or methamphetamine in order to drive long hours. This causes them to have a hard time sleeping when they need to and increases the driver’s fatigue. The trucking companies are supposed to follow FMSCR guidelines to keep people safe on the roads. Large trucks are dangerous when the drivers don’t follow the regulations and try to drive farther than they should. It is important that they get rest so they can pay attention to everything going on around them.

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