The Consequences of Deadlines!

As a truck driver, there is often a significant amount of pressure that comes with the job. Truck drivers are subjected to a complex work environment, much different from any other profession. The FMCSR has implemented rules in relation to the maximum hours-of-service for truck drivers, but unfortunately in conjunction with their on-time delivery requirements, the safety of the profession is compromised.

When motor carries fail to adhere to the maximum hours-of-service rules, they’re putting the safety of passenger vehicles at risk. Often times, these types of motor carriers care more about on-times deliveries than the safety of their employees. When working for such companies, truck drivers feel as though if they do not make their deliveries on time that they will be punished or potentially fired. It is this fear that is at the forefront of accidents and deaths. When truck drivers feel pressured to make a delivery on-time, they’ll disregard safety rules in relation to their speed and make the deadline at any expense.

The motor carrier industry has become quite competitive. Companies are determined to make deliveries on-time, as fast as possible, and at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, they’ll do just about anything to do just that for their customers. This industry rule of on-time deliveries has created a substantial risk of danger for all motorists on US roadways. When truck drivers feel such pressures from management, they’ll compromise safety regulations out of fear of losing their job.

Unfortunately, companies today are more concerned about profit as opposed to safety. The speed of a delivery, combined with the lowest cost of delivery, brings the most profit thus, this practice has been adopted by many companies nationwide. Motor carrier companies want to first make a profit and second, please their customers, but at what cost?  

Consumer have certain expectations nowadays, and unfortunately they’ve become quite unrealistic. Companies need to practice putting the motorists safety ahead of such outlandish expectations, otherwise the end result will be increasingly catastrophic.

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