The Truth Behind Logbooks!

Paper logs have been used by truck drivers since the early  1930s. These books have been a requirement for truck drivers for some time now, as they highlight their starting time, rest periods, sleep time, and off-duty time. Though these practices may have once been effective, they’ve unfortunately been compromised over time.

The falsification of these logs is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents amongst truck drivers. Often times, truck drivers will keep two sets of books, one of which depicts their true miles, the other a much rosier picture. One way to eliminate such falsification would be to us an onboard computer system or satellite tracking system. These types of systems are capable of tracking the tractor-trailer at any given moment; therefore, providing a more accurate log of the truck drivers hours. Some motor carries neglect to use these systems because they prove that their truck drivers are violating the hours-of-service regulations. Those that choose to forego computer and satellite tracking systems intentionally do so because they feel such systems will ultimately cause them increased damages in the event of an accident by their driver.

By using paper logs, it makes falsification that much more inevitable. Drivers can simply write down the wrong time for each event or log sleeping hours when in fact they never took a break. Though truck drivers are legally required to report all on-duty time, these paper logs can easily be falsified. Unfortunately, these falsifications are more frequently reviewed after an accident has occurred, when the truck driver has been on-duty for far too long.  

Though electronic and satellite systems may come at a cost to the motor carrier, ultimately without it, people’s lives are at stake. These systems help eliminate the truck driver’s ability to falsify logs and therefore provide safer roadway conditions to passenger vehicle sharing the road. If the truck driver is unable to falsify their driving times, they’ll be less likely to drive over the maximum time restrictions. By eliminating a driver’s ability to drive over the maximum time restrictions, the system helps eliminate driver fatigue, which is a leading factor in compromised safety.

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