What are some symptoms of a head injury after an auto accident?

Head injuries are known as the terms traumatic brain injuries (TBI), closed head injuries or concussion.  Vehicle accident victims in Wichita, Kansas and surrounding cities and towns only have a few choices for treatment when you have a substantial head injury or what is known as a TBI. The first step you should take if you are in a car accident is to diagnose the appropriate symptoms and injuries which you have. In order to do this you need to seek proper medicla treatment. Head injuries are often hard to diagnose. If you don’t have a bleed or fracture showing up on a scan such as a CT it is likely that the doctors will not properly or correctly diagnose you and your head injury.

What are the main symptoms of a head injury? Symptoms of a closed head injury include fatigue, blurry vision, lethargy, ringing in the ears, photophobia or black spots in your vision, changes in taste, changes in smell, headaches, painful migraines, change in mood, personality swings, hostility towards others, depression sleep, sleeping all the time and being extremely tired, being unable to sleep and problems with memory are the most common of the symptoms associated with a closed head injury.

When can Brad Pistotnik Law help you with your head injury accident case? Brad Pistotnik Law has experience and training to be able to help determine if you have a closed head injury from your accident. You can get to Brad rapidly  by calling 800-241-BRAD.  You should call Brad Pistotnik as soon after an accident as you can in order to talk about what your symptoms are. You need to find the appropriate medical care. Please remember that in the State of Kansas, the personal injury protection and no-fault system, makes your car insurance the primary medical insurance at the start of the case. Once you run out of personal injury protection benefits then you must use your secondary insurance. We can help you find an appropriate doctor with experience in neuropsychology and head injuries to help treat you for these conditions.

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